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Mrs. Blossom's Online Applied SMART Board course is available in English and in French!

Harnessing the experience, expertise and pedagogy of our teachers, Blossom Learning has independently created an online course like no other! Quite simply, Blossom Learning’s “Online Applied SMART Board course” is the most comprehensive and cost effective course available today!

Our course is completely independent. It is not associated with SMART Technologies or their various training departments.

Blossom Learning’s “Online Applied SMART Board Course” is designed to aid every level of SMART Board user. The material covered in the course will enhance not only your teaching skills with a SMART Board and by applying the techniques for the lesson plans discussed you will create a more engaging, fun and effective learning experience for your students as well!

Blossom Learning’s SMART Board Course is taught by Mrs. Daisy Blossom. She will guide you through the 8 chapters of the course that encompass everything from the very basics of using a SMART Board right through to creating intuitive, interactive and engaging lesson plans. Mrs. Blossom will demonstrate the various features and tools of the SMART Board and SMART Notebook software and apply them to real life classroom examples!

Compared with traditional ‘face to face’ SMART Board courses, Mrs. Blossom’s “Online Applied SMART Board course” covers topics and applications from “Fundamentals” through “Intermediate” level right up to comprehensive “Advanced” SMART Board lesson plans. Effectively 3 full days of course work. But also, because the course is designed to be taken at your own pace, you will be able to spend a lot more time on examples than would be possible in a real time class environment. Our panel of experts have determined that the course content is equivalent to at least 4 full days of course/practice work.

Teachers and Administrators have told us time and again that classroom time is precious. Leaving a class for each day entails organizing supply teachers, traveling, catch up time for teachers and students not to mention the costs entailed (over $1500).

The course applies the tools learnt to real examples so that you can then use the SMART Board more effectively in a classroom setting. The inclusion and use of Mrs. Blossom as well as the course platform used separates this course from any other available. Not only will you be able to relate to Mrs. Blossom as a fellow teacher and SMART Board instructor but you will be able to take the course at your own pace in your own time and go back and review the course material as many times as you feel necessary. After every chapter we will provide a knowledge check that consists of a series of questions (homework from Mrs. Blossom!).

Upon successful completion of the course you will receive your personalized certificate accredited by Blossom Learning to prove that you have received Mrs. Blossom’s extensive training on the SMART Board.

Also, you can join in the active discussions at the various Blogs, Facebook and forums available and help other teachers experience the power of the SMART Board in their classrooms!

Don’t delay! Discover the real power and potential of your SMART Board today by enrolling in Blossom Learning’s Online Applied SMART Board Course

Our Course Consultants

Professional Advice from Education Consultants

Mrs. Blossom’s Online Applied SMART Board Course could not have been created without the professional advice and support of our internal team of education consultants. These SMART Board experts have touched nearly 5,000 SMART Board users throughout North America. The feedback our team received from these users undeniably helped shape the Blossom Learning Online Applied SMART Board Course. Our educational consultants are all current or previous teachers with a wide range of teaching experience; the majority are also SMART Certified Trainers. A big thank you to our education team and all those SMART Board users for their valuable feedback!

Blossom Learning’s continued support and encouragement of SMART Board training in schools has allowed us to develop an invaluable network of school administrators, forum creators and audio visual experts. Reaching out to these individuals for advice has made a substantial impact on Mrs. Blossom’s Online Applied SMART Board course. A big thank you to these people for their time and effort - we highly value your continued support!


"I just finished the SMART Board course and I really enjoyed it. I have already taken the advanced level course, so this was a refresher for me, however, I still learned some new things."
Melanie, Nipissing-Parry Sound CDSB

"I think I learned more from it than any of the other SMART Board lessons I have seen! I have recomended you guys to our IT Director."
Amy, Huffman ISD

"I am in IT and work with teachers and students in a very large School Board in Canada. The online course has given me ideas and taught me some new things that I will be passing on to teachers and administrators at our own professional development courses."
Maria, IT Department

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