Welcome to Mrs. Blossom’s Resource Area!

I have created this area of my website to help you further understand educational technology so that you can unleash the power of classroom technology today.

Lesson Activities

Throughout my teaching years I have accumulated tons of lesson plans and activities. I have uploaded all of my SMART Notebook files to the Lesson Plans section of my website for you to download, modify if needed and gain ideas for how to use specific SMART Board tools when teaching a wide variety of subjects. Please feel free to download as many SMART Notebook files as you like.

If you would like to post a lesson plan please email me at

Technology Guide

In this section I have written numerous classroom technology articles that include information on interactive whiteboards, SMART Board tips and tricks and information on how to integrate other pieces of technology like document cameras and voting systems into the classroom.


Instructional videos on lesson plans and education technology are a great way to discover the hidden power of classroom technology. In this section I have uploaded various lesson plan and technology videos. Don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel too!.

Technology Glossary

This glossary of SMART Board interactive whiteboard terms and phrases is a great resource for finding out about SMART Boards and SMART Board software and accessories.

FAQ Section

My FAQ section contains 50 of the most frequently asked questions about SMART Board interactive whiteboards, about the features of SMART Notebook Software, and about Blossom Learning. Each frequently asked question below is followed by a short answer which contains appropriate links to other Blossom Learning information sections which will help to answer the question in further detail.

Useful Links

There are lots and lots of other places on the internet where I like to gather new information about classroom technology. I have provided a quick list below of some of the websites I like to visit frequently.

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