Mrs. Blossom

Mrs. Blossom is the face of Blossom Learning. She represents the culmination of the experiences and ideas of the whole worldwide teaching profession that enjoys using the latest classroom technology. Due to her unique position and the fact that she is an avatar she has attained numerous credentials from education to audio visual and IT.

Mrs. Blossom is the teaching instructor for Blossom Learning’s “Online Applied SMART Board Course.” Mrs. Blossom knows all of the tips, tricks and techniques that will empower you the teacher to deliver more interactive and engaging lessons for your students using the SMART Board and other classroom technology. Mrs. Blossom doesn’t just stop at teaching the online course, she also regularly comments and moderates on various Forums and Blogs on the web as well as in Blossom Learning’s classroom technology community.

  • Background: North American
  • Date of birth: March 12, 1975
  • Occupation: Science Teacher, Grades 3-5
  • School: Poinsettia Elementary School
  • Dress Attire: Casual, Bright Sweaters, Skirts, Flat Shoes, Bright Red Glasses
  • Hobbies: Learning New Technology, Gardening, Blogging on the Internet

Mrs. Blossom represents the culmination of the experiences and ideas of the whole worldwide teaching profession that enjoys using the latest classroom technology. She is an elementary school teacher. She is not real, she is an avatar and spokesperson for blossom learning delivering training course about classroom technology.

She is a naturally curious person; she is the type of person that always wanted to know how things worked. That’s why she became a teacher. Her desire to learn new technology and inform other teachers of the power they can posses propelled her to create a new professional development movement. This movement would allow affordable and accessible training for teachers who want to improve their classroom environments through the means of educational technology.

Mrs. Blossom is married to Donald “Bud” Blossom, who works for an environmental corporation. All his friends and family call him Bud. They don’t have any kids yet, but they are thinking about starting a family soon. In the mean time, they have their pets: two dogs and a cat. In his spare time, Mr. Blossom likes to walk the dogs and Mrs. Blossom takes care of the garden.

She simply loves gardening. She was raised in the countryside and her mother passed on her gardening passion to Daisy. Her garden has everything: from lilies, to gerberas, from solidagos to martensia shrubs, from tomatoes to apples, she adores to see her trees flourish as the seasons go by. Every year, neighbors come to see what is new in the Blossom garden. Her backyard is what she loves to spend her time on when she is not in the classroom teaching her students or instructing new teachers about various classroom technologies.

Apart from gardening, Mrs. Blossom is always looking for things that can excite her children in the classroom. As a science teacher, she gets to use technology that engages her students and brings the classroom to life! Through Mrs. Blossom’s hard work and dedication she knows everything from SMART Boards, document cameras, voting systems, to all of the software involved.

Mrs. Blossom strives to inform and instruct useful techniques to teachers about using classroom technology. Most importantly she wants to help other teachers harness the power that is available in today’s classroom, in turn creating a better learning environment for students around the world to flourish!

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