Let us help you get the most out of your SMART Board with Mrs. Blossom’s online professional development course. Take control of the technology in your classroom to create engaging and creative lessons for your students.
School Districts
Maximize your investment in SMART Boards. Train every teacher in your entire district on the SMART Board – Quickly, Effectively, and at a Fraction of the cost of face-to-face training. Click here to learn more
Do you sell SMART Boards? Partner with Blossom Learning to instantly add Online Professional Development to your offering. Learn more about our Dealer partnership program and how Mrs. Blossom’s course can help your company.
Dealer Services

As a reseller/dealer of education technology products you play a key role in helping to Create a Movement in Education.

Your company may already have an in depth face-to-face training program on SMART Boards which is certainly making a difference for all the teachers you sell boards to. But what training do you offer to School Districts that cannot afford traditional face-to-face training costs? What do you do when a School District is in a remote area?

With our online training solution you can either supplement your traditional face-to-face training with our online course, or if you don’t have a training solution already you can offer one immediately to all your customers.

Mrs. Blossom’s Online Applied SMART Board Course is fully comprehensive and covers Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Our current dealer partners have found they can increase their SMART Board sales simply by bundling our online course free with every SMART Board they sell. This works great for bids and tenders! For a fee, we also have the ability to add your company logo to the course. We’ve also found great success with partners who are new to professional development and have a large customer base that actively uses SMART Boards.

Our course has been designed with the functionality to allow resellers to easily distribute the course to their customers. When you purchase a block of courses from Blossom Learning you are given a log-in where you can assign blocks of courses to your customers (usually school purchasers). The school purchaser then takes control and can input the emails of the specific teachers who will take the course. This means you can hold an inventory of courses and instantly deliver them to your customers – hassle free! Our system also includes an LMS (Learning Management System) so your customers can track the performance of their teachers on the course. You don’t have to get involved in the assessment stages at all!

Partnering with Blossom Learning will help drive your SMART Board sales to new levels. We encourage you to get in touch with us as quickly as possible as not all resellers will have access to the Blossom Learning training solution. If your company is interested please email us at dealers@blossomlearning.com . We will look at your specific region and sales potential as key factors in whether we extend you reseller rights. We are confident our training solution will instantly create value-add for your company.

Please watch the video presented by Mrs. Blossom to give you a further overview of what our course can do for your business.

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