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Drawing from a combined 30 years of teaching and training experience in the area of education technology, Mrs. Blossom’s Online Applied SMART Board Course is like no other training course on the World Wide Web today!


Blossom Learning allows you to learn at a time convenient for you and at your own pace.

You can access extensive SMART Board Professional Development Training from the comfort of your home, classroom or staffroom because the training course is all online. Simply use your email address to log on to the course at www.blossomlearning.com and let Mrs. Blossom teach you all the tips, tricks and techniques for using the SMART Board, enabling you to create more engaging and interactive lessons for your students.


Applying Real Classroom Examples.

Created by our team of education consultants who currently teach at all education levels from Kindergarten to Grade 12, Mrs. Blossom’s Online SMART Board Course applies interactive SMART Board software tools to real classroom examples so that you can then use the SMART Board more effectively in a classroom setting. The course consists of 8 chapters that take you from the fundamentals right through to advanced SMART Board tools and techniques. We estimate that each chapter will take about 60 to 90 minutes to complete which includes pause, playback review and practice. This is by far the most comprehensive SMART Board Professional Development Course available!


Cost Effective SMART Board Training.

Mrs. Blossom’s Online Applied SMART Board training is only $95 USD! The estimated value of this course in terms of how much it would cost for face to face training is approximately $1,500 USD which would include the cost of onsite professional development, hiring supply teachers, travel, accommodation and most importantly time out of the classroom.


"I just finished the SMART Board course and I really enjoyed it. I have already taken the advanced level course, so this was a refresher for me, however, I still learned some new things."
Melanie, Nipissing-Parry Sound CDSB

"I think I learned more from it than any of the other SMART Board lessons I have seen! I have recomended you guys to our IT Director."
Amy, Huffman ISD

"I am in IT and work with teachers and students in a very large School Board in Canada. The online course has given me ideas and taught me some new things that I will be passing on to teachers and administrators at our own professional development courses."
Maria, IT Department

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