About Blossom

About Blossom Learning

Blossom Learning* is proud to be an independent company specializing in online training courses. By being independent we feel more able to offer objective training and commentary. Neither the company nor the course is associated with SMART Technologies or their various training departments.

Our company was created in 2009 by a group of AV and IT professionals, teachers and one or two other people who shared the same values about training teachers on how to adopt the latest technology now available in today’s classrooms into actual lessons.

In the future we intend to publish more online courses that will assist teachers to use other exciting products becoming more accessible to classroom use.

Our most senior staff member and by far the center of the team is Mrs. Blossom (Daisy Blossom). Mrs. Blossom teaches the “Online Applied SMART Board Course”. Actually, Mrs. Blossom isn’t real, she is an avatar who is the culmination of the experience of all the teachers and administrators around the world that have helped us create our course. From the experience of many SMART Certified Trainers, audio visual and IT professionals, and of course the invaluable help from attendees to PD workshops that we have been associated with over the years.

Blossom Learning strives to deliver affordable and convenient PD training so that teachers around the world can benefit from the technology in the classroom. Blossom Learning will offer all of it’s courses in multiple languages as time and demand permit. The actual details will be determined simply by the need expressed by teachers.

*Blossom Learning

Blossom Learning wishes to thank SMART Technologies for bringing our classrooms wonderful teaching aids such as the SMART Board. Blossom Learning is a proud independent provider of online professional development courses for the teacher. In particular it provides training for SMART Technologies' SMART Board. Nothing is represented by Blossom Learning, nor should it be implied by the reader (or any students of its course) in any material produced by Blossom Learning, that Blossom Learning is associated with SMART Technologies. All trademarks and intellectual property of SMART Technologies is recognized by Blossom Learning and its associate companies."


"I just finished the SMART Board course and I really enjoyed it. I have already taken the advanced level course, so this was a refresher for me, however, I still learned some new things."
Melanie, Nipissing-Parry Sound CDSB

"I think I learned more from it than any of the other SMART Board lessons I have seen! I have recomended you guys to our IT Director."
Amy, Huffman ISD

"I am in IT and work with teachers and students in a very large School Board in Canada. The online course has given me ideas and taught me some new things that I will be passing on to teachers and administrators at our own professional development courses."
Maria, IT Department

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For general questions regarding technical issues in regards to Mrs. Blossom’s Online Applied SMART Board course please contact us via:
Email: techsupport@blossomlearning.com
Phone: 1-877-390-7560

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Please feel free to email us if you have any questions regarding Mrs. Blossom’s Applied SMART Board course.

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